Bedroom Pin- Inspo

Shall I call this Pinspo?

I write this as I am eating sushi, drinking wine, and watching a not so good, cheesy movie on the floor.

So, I am saying sorry in advanced for the typos…

I am an avid Pinterest pinner and I always go to Pinterest if I am in search for anything. I pretty much use it like Google because why not? Pinterest is always on trend and is like a black hole because once you start searching there is no going back.

Any who, I am actually moving into a house with 3 of my friends this upcoming July and I CANNOT wait! We found the CUTEST little old diamond in the rough. We are renting the house for our senior year and lucky for us, the owner has put great work into the little house and it is the cutest little thing in the world. It was built in 1915 so it has sooo much character and cutesie little built ins that I am in love with.

So as anybody else would do (maybe just me? idk?) I have been looking at Pinterest like crazy to find the perfect bedroom. I really liked my bedroom at my apartment, that I lived in the past few years, but I am ready to upgrade a few items. Plus, my apartment was furnished and the house is not.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite bedrooms that I found on Pinterest which give me inspiration for my own bedroom. (Do you now get the Pin-Inspo or Pinspo?)

I would say that my home decor/style is western, farmhouse, Mediterranean, and slightly boho all mixed into one. So I am not really sure what to call my style of decor? If there is an actual name out there for that, please let me know.

Bedroom 1:

I love the simplicity of this bedroom. I am obsessed with neutral colors with pops of earthy tones which explains why I am drawn to this bedroom. The tones in the pillows and the throw are EVERYTHING. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Bedroom 2:

This bedroom is very similar but has more going on. That pattern in the rug is to die for. I also have recently started LOVING house plants and plan to buy more when I move into my house. I currently have a fiddle leaf fig tree which I literally treat as a baby (sorry not sorry).

Bedroom 3

I am in love with this picture all because of the overlapped rugs. I am DYING for a jute rug (preferably a round one but really whatever I can get my hands on). I really hope that this trend stays in because I think it is SOO cute. It is such a minor detail but yet it adds soo much to a room.

Bedroom 4:

Ok, the dog might’ve gotten me on this one… But again, I love the pattern of the rug. I also love the combination of pillows that are used together. Unique little wall shelves are another thing that I am obsessed with.

Bedroom 5:

Last but not least, bedroom number 5. I have recently been on a hunt for a large standing mirror. I think that they add sooo much to a room and make it feel 10x larger. This room is so simple but is still so beautiful. The nightstand is the perfect size and color. Plus the drawers allow you to shove all your crap in there. Out of sight, out of mind.. am I right?

I know all of these pictures look very similar. I guess that is a good thing.. I know what I like🙂 I hope that my bedroom will look somewhat like these! I found a bedspread on Amazon that I am completely in love with. I will link it HERE.

If you are interested in seeing the rest of my pins on Pinterest feel free to follow me over there!

I hope that this post also gives you inspiration as well! Let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading🙂

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