Baseball in Nashville

I am writing this blog while sippin’ on a hot cup of coffee, curled up in a blanket, and watching a storm come rumbling in.

The storms here in Nashville have been terrible!!! It stormed sooo bad here last night and caused a lot of damage and power outages so I really hope that doesn’t happen again with this storm. But I do like a rainy morning because I feel like it is actually okay and accepted to be lazy.

I have been meaning to write this post for a few days but.. life.

Nashville has a minor league baseball team, called “The Nashville Sounds” and they recently made a new baseball field which is amazing! They have a putt putt golf course, an outfield bar and lounge area, ping pong, corn hole, shuffle board, and so much more. It is the perfect thing to do in the summer. It was actually on my summer bucket list! I will attach that blog post HERE if you are interested in reading it!

Every Tuesday that they have a home game, you can bring your pup to the game for a low price. They call it “Tail Waggin’ Tuesday.” So of course me and Jacob decided to go and bring Bumper. Bumper is a veryyy social dog and loves to greet every human and dog that he sees. (I definitely think that is the Golden Retriever in him.) I was so proud of how amazing he did at the game! Kids would run up to him and he would just sit there and enjoy the lovin’ and attention.

Tail Waggin’ Tuesday is sponsored by Titos Vodka so Bumper left with a Titos toy and a Titos bandanna. They had little pools set out for the dogs to play in along with plenty of water bowls set out. Jacob found out that you can buy passes to each Tuesday home game for you and your dog. I am very interested in doing that for the future because it was so much fun!

The weather was perfect for the game. It had rained really bad the entire morning but stopped early afternoon so it wasn’t extremely hot. It was a beautiful sunset!

Bumper made a buddy at the game and they decided to stand by the stairs and greet every person that walked by. It was hilarious and so cute!

I am so glad that I was able to go! Once again Jacob surprised me with the tickets. One of our friends met us down their at the game as well. We want to go again on a Thursday because they have really great deals for Thursday games. Baseball games are a great summer activity and tickets to the games are usually all reasonably priced.

I hope that you enjoyed this little life blog post! Thank you for reading!

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