Going Away and To Do Lists

Happy Saturday! It is the weekend and I am here for it.

I cannot believe that I will be back to school and moving into my house in just 2 days! I am sooo excited but also upset that my summer is cut short. Plus, I am really sad that I won’t see all of my family and friends.

My aunt has been wanting to get sushi all summer and we were finally able to go this past Thursday. She invited a lot of my cousins and my aunt and we were all able to get our grub on. My aunt Terri, who is also my godmother, was able to put it all together as a going away dinner for me. Our table was full of sushi. It was AH-MAZ-ING!! Afterwards, my aunt took me to Jeni’s ice cream so I’ve now had Jeni’s like 8 times in 2 months… yikes. (Dear gym, I am coming for you.)

I also thought I would share my outfit of the day!

My white ruffled sleeve shirt is from Target as well as my jeans. The jeans are the comfiest thing EVER. My sandals are also from Target. (I wasn’t joking when I said the majority of my closet is from Target🙃) My hair scarf is from Madewell and I am completely obsessed with them! My bracelet is from Anthropology. My earrings are Lucky Brand and my Necklace is from Unlocked Nashville. (My sister’s friend started the company Unlocked Nashville. It is a great non-profit! To learn more or if interested I will attach the link HERE.)

Now to my To Do List. I have a fear that I will forget something at my house so I decided to make a to do list. I won’t be home until mid October so I am trying my hardest to remember everything!!

When it comes to stuff like packing and doing my laundry I always put it off until the last minute. I made this list in hopes of keeping me from procrastinating.

I am in love with my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree which I bought as a tiny little baby late winter. It has been growing sooooo much this summer and sadly it wouldn’t fit in my car. I had to give my Fiddle Leaf Fig a little haircut. I am propagating the part that I cut off and I am gifting it to my mom.

I cannot wait to be back in Johnson City and to be moved into my house! Make sure that you follow along the journey. I will be posting a lot of house blogs in the near future.

Thank you for reading!

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