Bumper Turned 2

Beware: Obsessive dog mom

I have been meaning to write about this for a few weeks now🙃 but.. life.

Bumper, my angle boy dog, turned 2 on July 13th. And yes, me and my boyfriend, Jacob, threw him a birthday party. (Okay fine, it was more my idea but Jacob was down for it.) I wanted to have an actual theme for his party so I went online to the tried and true, Amazon and of course I found decorations. His theme was “Lets PAWty.”

I will attach the link to the decorations HERE

The decorations came in a whole set with balloons, letter balloons, a paw print banner, and a bandanna for the birthday boy. I thought it was the cutest thing!

We grilled out some hot dogs (Get it?) and hamburgers and had ourselves a nice birthday party. We had the party and Jacob’s brothers house. They have two dogs so Bumper had some friends to play and run around with. Jacob’s brother, Patrick and his wife have a baby and Bumper loves her soo much! It is adorable!

When I went to set up the decorations, I realized that we needed a helium tank or some type of valve to blow up the letters. I was a little bit upset that we couldn’t use the “Lets Pawty” letters but we saved them and we will be more prepared next year!

To say that Bumper is spoiled is an understatement. I think Bumper got more gifts than I ever did at my birthday parties😂 Jacob’s parents gave Bumper a card if that tells ya anything.. He got a bunch of toys because he loves to destroy his toys and get all of the stuffing out.

Overall, yes it might have been extra but Bumper Boy deserved it! Haha! Somehow, I managed to not even get a picture with Bumper on his birthday which is really sad.

I hope you enjoyed reading this fun little dog blog.

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