Back to School and Plants

Happy Sunday fun day!

I was so excited to get back to school this year because it is a little bit different this time around. This year, I am a student teacher!!!😁

If you didn’t know, I am currently a senior in college majoring in Elementary Education. I will be student teaching for this entire school year and it is so exciting to actually be in the classroom as a teacher.

I am teaching a 3rd grade class and all of the students are so sweet. I already love my mentor teacher and have learned so much from her. School started back this past week and I jumped right into things as well. I wasn’t sure how much my mentor would allow me to do but she has let me be involved in as much as possible.

I still am not used to being called “Ms. Myers” haha! That’s going to take some getting used to! 3rd grade is such a fun age because the students are really well behaved but they know how to have fun and when to work hard. They understand jokes and sarcasm at this age which makes it that much more fun.

On the first day of school, all of the 3rd grade teachers wore “Team 3rd Grade” shirts.

I also thought I would share my other outfits that I wore for the first week of school. As I have said MANY times, I am all about comfort but cute. If it’s not comfortable, I am NOT wearing it.

My first semester I will be in the class 10 hours a week and then my second semester I am a full time teacher. I am so glad that ETSU has a year long residency for their students because it is great experience for me.

To top off the first week of school, Friday evening I went to a festival that Johnson City put on. My sister, Maria, Jacob, and of course Bumper tagged along. The festival was called “Little Chicago Music and Arts Festival.” They had two stages for music and a ton of booths set up with handmade jewelry, clothing, pottery, soaps, paintings, and much more. They also had a full street of food tucks, which surprisingly we all walked right past and didn’t get anything. Bumper got to meet a few farm animals which he enjoyed but the goats did not so much..

On Saturday, me and my sister did some (not so) minor shopping. We started with lunch and then went to Ulta, bath and body works (it’s impossible to not buy their fall candles…), TJ Maxx, Target, and the plant nursery. I was actually VERYYY impressed with myself because I bought nothing (yes, nothing) at TJ Maxx and Target. (WHATTTT?) On the other hand, Maria was a big spender and hit the jackpot at TJ Maxx. If you are heading to TJ Maxx in your near future, beware that they now have their fall decor which is so cute but so dangerous. After hitting up bath and body works AND TJ Maxx’s fall decor, we are DYING for fall to get here already. Me and my sister are both suckers for the fall season.

What I was most looking forward to was the plant nursery. I’ve recently became in love with plants. They just add a sense of life and homeyness to your house. Last April I bought a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree and it is still thriving and growing! (It actually just bloomed 3 new leafs in this past week.) This time I wanted to get a few smaller plants. I bought two really easy care plants: a String of Pearls Plant and a Variegated Pathos Plant. I bought a terracotta pot and painted the top of it white to add some color. I love the way it turned out!

The plant nursery in Johnson City is beautiful so I thought it would be a cute place to snap a few pics and to have a photo sesh. Me and my sister were joking about how the outdoor part of the plant nursery was like a spa😂

Thanks for being my photographer Maria!

Well that’s a wrap on the first week of school. I am so excited for what my senior year has in store for me. If it’s anything like my first week than I know it will be great! Also, I really hope I can keep these little plants alive!

Stay tuned if you are interested in teacher stuff, outfits of the day/week, plant life, college life, and much more!

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