Top Local Favorites in Nashville

Being the Nashvillian that I am I thought that it would be fun to create a list of my favorite local eateries. There are so many options to chose from here so maybe this will help you sort out where to go.

I am no picky eater but I know good food when I try it. I am a food lover (how could you not be) and I think it is important to share some of my all time favorites. If you ever get the chance to come to Nashville these places are a must. You will NOT be disappointed.

1. Rosepepper Cantina

One of my all time favorite places ever. Rosepepper is a Mexican restaurant that is unlike any other. The queso is a game changer! When you order the queso you also get homemade chips that are amazing and make regular chips taste bad. The margs here are also top notch. They have actually won the award for the best margarita in Nashville many a times now. Rosepepper Cantina provides a great and fun atmosphere with plenty of outdoor seating for those warm summer nights. Their marquee sign (pictured above) knows how to lure you in too.

2. Castrillos Pizza

Castrillos Pizza is the best pizza that I have had. Hands down. They have now opened another location within Nashville which is awesome. Castrillos is nestled in a neighborhood and is family owned. Here you call in, pick it up or have it delivered, and get your grub on. Their Hawaiian pizza is my favorite but I could destroy any of them. Besides their pizza being BOMB, they also have wings, pastas, calzones, subs, and more. I highly recommend their wings in any flavor. Oh and their cinnamon bread sticks… my mouth is watering just at the thought of them. They are served with hot icing. The employees are always welcoming and friendly. My dad is such a regular to Castrillos Pizza that he now knows the workers.

3. Mitchel’s Deli

Where do I even start with Mitchel’s? This place is AMAZING. Hands down one of my favorite places if not my favorite place. This little eatery focuses on using local ingredients to make the best food. They also use Benton’s Bacon and if you have not tried Benton’s Bacon then.. I am sorry. They serve breakfast and lunch. This little local fav is also tucked away in a friendly neighborhood. For lunch my go to sandwich is the Turkey Avocado. I just can’t stray from it because it is sooo good.

4. Sky Blue Cafe

Looking for a quaint little stop for breakfast, lunch, or a brunch? Sky Blue Cafe is calling your name! This cute little cafe is located in the middle of a neighborhood in East Nashville. And when I say “little,” I really emphasize on the word little. The inside of the restaurant is so small but that makes it feel all the more cozy. Sky Blue Cafe always has a wait so be prepared but do not let that stop you because it is some of the best tasting food I have ever had. Fun fact about this place: I came here with my dad after a bad snow storm and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take a shower right before leaving the house. While we were waiting to be seated, my hair was rock hard because it has froze. From that day on, I learned my lesson about when I should and should not wash my hair in the winter🙃

5. Bobbies Dairy Dip

This place is a must! I don’t care who you are. This place first opened in 1951 so it’s basically a landmark to Nashville natives. If you are looking for a cheap lunch or dinner on a hot/warm night look no further. They are known for their giant ice cream cones. Yes, this is a size small that is pictured. Of all the places on this list, this is the most casual restaurant. You order at the window and then pick a spot outside. (If it rains, no worries. The seats are covered.) If you want to know more about this place I actually blogged about that so you can check it out HERE.

6. Saunders Ferry Pizza and Pub

Saunders Ferry Pizza and Pub is full of locals! Not many people know about this hidden gem but it is sooooo delicious and fun! They have new beers on tab every week. Their list of 21 beers are always on rotation. Plus they are all local and mostly Nashville native. If you can’t pick a beer that you want, they offer flights of beer for only $5.00! Monday – Thursday that have beer, pizza, and wing specials which are a great deal! This little hole in the wall is located on the lake in Hendersonville with plenty of outdoor seating! If you want a laid back and casual setting, this is your place!

7. Mas Tacos Por Favor

If you wanna talk about a hole in the wall then lets talk about Mas Tacos Por Favor. They started as a taco food truck but eventually upgraded to a restaurant because they became so popular to Nashville locals. If you are looking for authentic tacos come here! They have mexican corn on the cob which is SOOOOO good!! It might look weird but it’s a must! It’s offical name it Elote. For a dessert I would get the plantains which are fried bananas. Soo tasty! Highly recommend Mas Tacos Por Favor for the fun experience and authentic Mexican food.

8. 5 Points Pizza

5 Points Pizza is located in the 5 Points area (duhh… hint the name). This area is located in East Nashville but is also extremely close to downtown Nashville. This cute pizza parlor has a great atmosphere and is so fun and laid back. There are many bars and other places to eat in this area as well. Pictured above is the small pizza which is NOT small. Their large pizza is HUGE… like can feed 6 grown men huge. My favorite pizza here is the Hot Hawaiian Pizza but all of them are AH-MA-ZING

There are just a few of the restaurants in Nashville that are some of the best! I hightly highly recommend giving these eateries a try if you ever get the chance to come to Nashville.

Let me know if you stop by one of these restaurants or if you have ever been.

Thank you so much for reading!

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